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Laguna Beach has long been a nexus of music in Southern California… West Coast Jazz in the 50’s, surf music in the 60’s. Then in the 70’s came the mixing of many styles including rock, jazz, folk, country, reggae and blues that came to define the sound of the laid back and open spirit of California. In 1972 Greg MacGillivray’s seminal surf movie Five Summer Stories featured The Beach Boys and local Laguna Beach band Honk. The film and the score provided a powerful contribution to the shaping of the surf culture that continues to this day.

In 2005-2014 Honk member Beth Fitchet Wood teamed up with Kelly Boyd to present “Beth’s Tuesdays”, a songwriter’s showcase at Kelly’s Marine Room. Between Beth’s weekly home baked goodies and a steady stream of high quality songwriters Beth’s Tuesdays became an institution for artists and music fans. Musicians came from far and wide to play before an audience that was not there to hear the normal “bar” repertoire. Both Artists and Audience were there for musical Adventure, music that was worthy of attention and would inspire everyone present.

Though there were many amazing little known performers some better known participants included Kenny Loggins, Christopher Cross, Jack Tempchin (Peaceful Easy Feeling), and amazingly Greek Tenor Mario Frangoulis. Laguna Beach Live, in association with Rick Conkey at Laguna Beach Cultural Center will be presenting a reprise of that slice of Laguna Beach Culture, - “Beth’s Tuesdays”, as a virtual show. Rick’s facility is the perfect place to start this up again and if all goes according to plan we will be presenting this monthly until the Covid Beast is slain at which time we will go to live shows. The first presentation will include; Beth Fitchet Wood, Grace Freeman and Jodi Siegel

Series begins March 2nd - Registration information coming soon!